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Our Story

A small family tubing business located in Conway Massachusetts, we work hard to provide a good experience. Bachelor and bachelorette parties, a bunch of friends, lovers on a relaxing date, a new summertime experience, or as a way to escape the heat, a lot of people find us through our website and keep coming back.  We have been told that not having to shuffle cars and find tubes makes the whole day much more relaxing. 

Our goal is to save you some gas money, provide you with a sturdy tube, and save your from the hassle that is the two car shuffle.  Even if the water is a little low or the rocks a little more slippery than you want them to be, we think this is an amazing natural treasure and it's right outside of our back door. If you like what we do, please share us with others, you can like us on facebook or send us an email (Contact Us). 

Thanks for visiting! DRP

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